Repairs & Maintenance

Roofs require regular maintenance to prevent costly repairs or complete roof replacements.  Unmaintained roofs are also more likely to be damaged in storms with high winds.  Loose sheeting or rusted nails mean a unsecured roof and potential costly roof and internal damage

Advantage Roofing & Guttering can repair and/or provide maintenance (either one-off or ongoing) for residential and commercial metal roofs.

Our works include:

  • Removing old roof nails & replacing them with Australian Standard sealed roof screws
  • Rust treatments / management to sections
  • Replacing rusted, loose and damaged roof sheeting, flashing & capping (including ridge capping)
  • Flashing replacement
  • Re-lapping the joins in older metal roofs
  • Sealing minor penetrations
  • Storm sealing (valley sealing) roof valleys
  • High pressure roof & gutter cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning

The roof pictured shows a roof that was not maintained.

In a recent storm the roof sheets of the property came off.  You can see an exposed roof cavity and sheets peeled back.   This may have been prevented if the roof had been correctly maintained.

The age of the roof  was also a contributing factor but most certainly the lack of regular maintenance and repairs.

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