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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know that Advantage Roofing & Guttering is the best company to choose?

We ensure that you get a job that you are more than happy with and at a realistic price too. Here’s how: all our tradesman are well trained and experienced professionals who take pride in and guarantee their work and we only use the best products and materials. Check out our “What Customers Say” page to read what some of our customers have said about us.

Is Advantage Roofing & Guttering licensed?

Yes, we are licensed with the Building Construction Commission (license no. 1120220). We are also members of the Master Builders Association.


Can I replace my metal or concrete tile roof with a metal (colorbond) roof?

Yes you can. The process involves all the same steps as replacing a metal roof: removal & disposal of the existing roof, re-fastening of roof battens to rafters, installation of new roof sheeting, cappings, flashings and insulation (if required). Also installation of new roof battens to suit a metal roof and upgrading of the roof tie down.

What colours are available?

For metal roofing & guttering you can have plain zincalume (silver) or any of the colourbond range which can be viewed at:
For roof painting we can match most colours including any of the colorbond colours. You can view the Shieldcoat Roof Coating colour chart at:

Which suppliers do you use?

We have a number of suppliers who manufacture and/or distribute quality products namely: Bluescope Steel, Stratco & Steeline (Roofing & Guttering Products), Shieldcoat (Roof Coatings) & Rain Harvesting, All-Flow (Gutterguard Mesh).


Do you offer free quotes & assessments?

Yes we do.
If you are only seeking a ‘ball park’ price for work we may be able to provide this over the phone without the need to attend site. We can also provide quotes based on plans or drawings which can be emailed or posted to us.

Do you take all rubbish away?

Yes, we have a “leave no mess” policy so will take away all rubbish and left over materials once the job is complete.


We have a fibro/asbestos roof, should I get it replaced?

If your fibro/asbestos roof is in good repair, there is no need to have it replaced as it does not pose a safety risk. However, if it’s leaking then it means there is damage and it requires repair. We can provide you with an on-site assessment and advise you whether your roof can be effectively repaired or needs replacing. We repair, paint and replace fibro roofs.

You could consider replacing your fibro roof for the following reasons… to improve the value of your home (a fibro roof definitely reduces a house’s value) and at the present time the process of replacing fibro roofs is relatively inexpensive and the requirements via regulation are comparatively minor. This will not always be the case.


Is insulating my new roof a good idea?

Yes. There are a number of good reasons why installing insulation at the same time as replacing your roof is a good idea.
Firstly, insulation usually makes a significant difference to the comfort level of people homes (keeps your house up to 10 degrees warmer in winter & up to 7 degrees cooler in summer). Obviously this will help minimise your heating and air-conditioning costs. Secondly, installing insulation directly under the new roof sheeting means the insulation is out of the way, allowing safe access to the your roof cavity i.e. no insulation at ceiling level obscuring the ceiling joists. Thirdly, insulation also acts as a noise barrier and condensation barrier.


Are all gutterguards pretty much the same?

Not all gutterguards are the same. Some types are definitely inferior. Such as the fibreglass (flywire mesh) and gutterguards that are installed inside the gutter itself.
Unless the situation does not allow, we only install either aluminium or steel gutterguard mesh that attaches to the outer lip of the gutter and back to the roof thus forming a “ski slope”. The ski slope encourages the leaf matter to fall or be blown (by wind or blower) to the ground.

Is installing Gutterguard a wise investment?

If your home is located in a leafy area – then most definitely. Installing gutterguard is smart preventative maintenance, stopping leaves clogging up your gutters and downpipes, thereby reducing the risk of expensive flood damage in heavy storms. Leaf matter sitting within the gutter can also cause damage it increases the chances of the gutter rusting out.

It is important to note that gutterguard is not completely maintenance free. There will be times when some leaf matter can build up on top of the gutterguard mesh particularly in wet weather. Generally the majority will blow off but on occasion it will require removal using a broom or blower vac. However, your gutters will remain clean and debris free.