Tile to metal roofing:

Here’s how we get your job done right the first time:

  • Your old existing roofing tiles are removed and disposed
  • All timber roof trusses are checked for rot or white ant damage
  • All timber battens are replaced with metal battens
  • Upgrading of roof tie down
  • Gable, barge capping rolls are installed
  • Insulation or sarking is installed over roof battens (if part of scope of works)
  • Full length roof sheets are set in place
  • The ends of each roof sheet are bent back to prevent water back flow
  • Ridge capping is installed
  • Scribing is carried out to finish roof professionally
  • Once the roof is laid, the valley iron is trimmed to exactly the right width
  • Your roof is cleaned
  • All rubbish is removed and your property is left clean and tidy

Seven (7) year workmanship warranty on re-roofs, that is in addition to the manufacturers warranty (on the Zincalume and Colorbond) of up to twenty-five (25) years.

Tile to Metal Roofing Fact Sheet